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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  July 19, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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extending up the i-83 corridor. north of cockeysville. into the hereford area. also back across northern harford county. we find lightning strikes just by the hundreds up here. actually north of bel air. north of port deposit actually moving toward rising sun in cecil county. the big concern with these storms not so much damaging wind or even hail as it will be just that cloud-to-ground lightning and all it takes is one bolt when you're outside to just to get too close for comfort. the next thing you know you could have an injury. so just watch for these lightning storms as they move in from the west. 80s, hot and breezy for the rest of us. we'll track these storms throughout the rest of the 6:00 hour. have more on that and the very hot week ahead. all coming up. the details about a maryland state trooper who is on the other side of the law charged with possessing child pornography. bruce tucker faces several charges including child pornography and possessing
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child pornography with intent to distribute. more on that at 11:00. baltimore county police ask that anyone who may have had contact with him to call 410-853-3650. a harford county man dead and 15-year-old recovering from a bullet wound after a double shooting in bel air sunday. when police responded to the parking lot in the 100 block of north bond street they discovered the body of 25-year-old derrick maxey jr. 10 minutes later they received a report a young teen came to upper chesapeake medical center with a gunshot wound to the leg and she had confirmed she was shot in the same parking lot. police say a crowd emptied out of a of a rented hall when the shootings occurred. >> it was a private party renting the facility at the american legion. we have not verified yet whether either of the victims were inside.
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>> even though police say more than 100 people may have witnessed the shooting no one has come forward with the description of the gunman. in other news -- imagine you were on vacation only to return to a home and learn your house has been destroyed by mother nature. as abc2 news's don harrison tells us the events that led up to the destruction may have been a blessing in disguise. >> reporter: coming home to your house destroyed is not a good way to start your week. but it's what happened to scott stoatle. >> fire department called me 4:30 this morning telling me there was significant damage to my home. >> reporter: so he made the drive from ocean city to outside of annapolis. >> it was not a good ride. >> the drive home, every emotion in my body went from crying to laughing. i didn't though what to do. >> 1:30 at the earliest i think. >> reporter: joe sanchez is scott's neighbor. he heard the lightning hit. >> this particular bolt sounded
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very strange. it didn't sound like your normal lightning bolt. i mean, this actually hit something. now we know what it hit. the poor neighbor's house. >> all we're saving is family items and stuff. >> reporter: the clean-up is in progress now. scott and his family were supposed to come back last night bebut he couldn't. >> the keys were in the laundry basket in my shorts, i couldn't find them. i slept well there. i couldn't have slept well here. >> the lightning bolt basically hit by my bed. so i might be dead. i guess everything happens for a reason. >> reporter: the only thing left now is clean-up, restoration and rebuild but as scott said, he can rebuild his house but not the lives of his family. he feels lucky. don harrison for abc2 news. >> he still says this incident makes him believe that everything really does happen for a reason. authorities say people living in the dundalk area should not be alarmed if they
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see smoke and flames coming from the area around the port tonight around 7:00. officials plan to burn natural gas in three storage tanks at the dundalk marine terminal to get rid of the fuel. fire authorities say the controlled burning could create some spectacular flames but no danger. with his maine vacation over president obama returns to descent in his own party and members of congress fearful of losing power. the white house secretary gibbs admits democrats could lose control of the house but one maryland congressman sees it differently. >> i know these guys are popping the champagne now already over there but the fact of the matter is the democrats will retain a majority in the house. >> political analysts say it will be interesting to see how the administration plans to save democratic seats in november. vice president joe biden is heading a fundraising now for maryland governor martin o'malley and lieutenant governor anthony brown.
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the event kicked off at 4:00, runs until 7:00 tonight at the hilton in downtown baltimore. o'malley is squaring off against bob ehrlich in a gubernatorial rematch. anne arundel county executive john leopold is recovering from his second back surgery as he runs for re-election. spokesman says he underwent surgery friday and recovery time should be about two weeks or so. he's been challenged by joanna contee, a business executive. the government getting assurances it wanted from bp. the oil company is promising to keep a close eye on the floor of the gulf of mexico for more possible oil seepage with. that the company is getting the go-ahead to keep the cap tightly closed over the damaged well. officials had been concerned that the cap could lead to a pressure build-up which caused oil leaks from the sea bed which would be very hard to contain. with more than 1/3 of the gulf of mexico closed off to fishermen and shrimpers the domestic seafood industry has been hit hard.
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one company sees the hard times as a chance to try new ways of growing and harvesting shrimp. photojournalist jeremy harlan takes us to the corn fields of maryland where the future shipping doesn't look nearly as murky. >> the shrimp industry here domestally is very fragile. whether it's a storm like hurricane katrina, the diesel gas prices of a couple of years ago, and the most recent being the gulf oil spill, typically there's something that affects this industry. >> we have ununreliable source of domestic production in this country. there's probably a better way to do things. >> ready? >> i think it was probably 2002 when my partner guy came to myself and said i had a great idea about an opportunity to pine pioneer an industry that essentially doesn't exist in this country. >> we decided to take the technology indoors as we've been trying to do in the industry for a long time. because of the advantages that come with it. >> by bringing it indoors, making it 100% recirculating we
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were able to move the facility off of the coastline to middle america, farm country. >> we provide the shrimp with a nice temperature-controlled environment, we provide them with air. and give them feed all the time. they are more comfortable with a little dirtier water system than you would have where fish require massive amounts of filtration. >> there's a great opportunity for us to be involved in part of this recovery. >> the model works everywhere from the first world to the third world because it avoids the environmental impact that is typical with the old school way of doing shrimp farming. >> the future is obviously very bright right now. there's a lot of opportunity. the sky's the limit. this is the future of how shrimp will be grown in this country. >> the dorchester county shrimp farm says it ships almost 130,000 pounds of shrimp a year
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from restaurants from new york to california. gallery search of baltimore today teamed up with the job initiative and university school of medicine to help with free hiv and aids testing. the cdc estimates over 6,000 people are hiv positive in the city and do not even know it. after leaving baltimore the group heads to north carolina, new york city and vietnam to help people living with hiv and aids. tennis season is in full swing. that means a lot of people are hitting the courts, even in the heat. beware, even the most seerchedz players can become -- seasoned players can become injured. >> reporter: in a world of federer and roddick, injury is serious business. torn ligaments, even back problems can put a professional player out action for months. according to dr. george branch, an orthopedistic surgeon and medical director for the tennis tournament even weekend
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warriors can develop injuries that can last a lifetime. >> unless you're in the physical condition to handle the directional changes and pounding it takes a bigger toll on your body. >> reporter: 42-year-old sean buggs played tennis since he was 9 years old. he can sympathize. >> i've hurt my arm, tendonitis, pulled my back and muscles. >> reporter: how to avoid common tennis injuries? he says stay flexible and eat well. a good diet full of protein can keep bones and muscles stronger. and buy the right equipment. the proper shoes and racket are crucial. most importantly, branches warns, if injured, allow time to heal before you go back to the game. >> you could reinjure yourself again. you could injury body parts that aren't as conditioned as they should be. >> reporter: give yourself time. the best way to keep the ball in your court. when a friend finds himself in a sticky spot
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you want to try to help as soon as possible. but if that plea for help comes to you on-line it might be a trick. in this week's "scam alert." tell tale signs that the joke could be on you and your wallet. and hundreds of summer jobs for hundreds of teens. the event that had a lot of political effort behind it. >> currently at hereford middle school it's a lovely 72 degrees. the complete forecast coming up.
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we warned you months ago about scammers who sent messages claiming to be stranded and needing your help. the con artists seem to take a break once their tricks hit the
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tv but as joce sterman explains, there's spiking in complaints because the scam is back. >> reporter: who doesn't want to help a friend in need? scammers are back with a tactic we first told you about last fall. according to the fbi, hackers are taking control of peoples' contacts on e-mail or social networking sites like facebook. then they pose as that person sending out messages saying they are stranded in london or another location and need help. according to the feds many of the messages say the victim needs money immediately because they've been robbed of their credit cards, pass worts and cash. they say they will pay back when you get home but it's a ploy to get you to wire money. because the need seems urgent scammers hope you don't call to check but be wary, if you do get a message, call, don't e-mail, hackers will likely interseptember the message and don't wire the money until you are sure your friend in need is really your friend. joce sterman, abc2 news.
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things are getting back to normal on fleetwood avenue after a pulse-pounding sunday. the young ladies of girls hope were shocked to see their new home courtesy of "extreme makeover: home edition" team. it's the largest home built in the show's seven-year history. the 11,000 square foot home has a game room, 10 bedrooms, bathrooms and plenty of space for the young girls to study and play. last night hundreds joined in the celebration of the big reveal. >> i'm a local. this is the best fun we've had in a long time. >> it was cool. i was so excited. it was amazing. >> and if the new home was not enough the group also received two ford flex vehicles. they will move into the new home in about three weeks. right now they are looking for volunteers staff at that home. folks from all over our area are doing more than just building girls hope a new home. they are helping the young ladies gear up for the school year as well. since last week live baltimore collected 31 backpacks, more
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than 260 binders, 22 calculators, - books and more than 2,000 pens and pencils for girls hope. we couldn't have done it without you. thank four dropping off the donations. if you want to look back at the beginning of this whole big project like when the girls found out about their new home head to our web site, click on "extreme makeover: home edition," the section there for that. it appears rosecroft's racetrack lawsuit is heading back to court. a bankruptcy judge is set to hear dismissal motion tomorrow. the parent company claims the maryland jockey club and maryland thoroughbred horseman's association drove the track out of business by encouraging tracks to turn off c them to run the races. the defendants deny the claims.
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the senator theatre fading to black for an unspecified period of time. the baltimore comption is deciding the future use of the senator. the developer is expected to operate the single-screen theater after renovating the interior. several of maryland's federal lawmakers today joined baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake to celebratehands of summer jobs as -- hundreds of summer jobs as part of youth works. the federal grant made it possible. >> without the summer job i would be sitting around . i would like to say thank you again for giving me this opportunity. i know it's a lot of work and money to get me the summer job. thank you. [ applause ] >> the department of labor grants provides six-week summer jobs in high-growth industries.
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speaking of high growth we have a bumper crop of lightning popping up all over the place. >> tremendous amount of thunderstorms. it depends where you're watching from. the heart of downtown really hasn't gotp hit but many spots northern baltimore county, across through harford county, just wicked lightning. have to watch out this afternoon. one of the summer afternoons where we see storms crop up. what we're getting now. let's show you maryland's most powerful doppler radar. quite a bit of activity on the radar scoip. let's zoom in a little and first take you south down towards dmaws cuss, south of the i-70 corridor. moving across howard county, it's a pretty impressive storm not packing as much lightning as some other cells but you have to watch out. this will continue to slide toward glen burnie in the next 30 minutes or so. see how well it holds together. may intensify some. intense storms north of bel
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air. where the weather is worst now, cecil county. rising sun, back up toward the delaware state line. wicked weather here and it's all moving toward i-95. just beginning to get into the worst at port deposit. watching that closely as well. on the whole, it's just this one band of stormy activity as this clears from west-to-east. should see things quiet down later on fwógthis evening. let's show you the sky north of the city now. you can see wild-looking stormy sky. if you look carefully you can see a couple of rain shafts coming down from the storm clouds. again, just north of the city. wild-looking sky when you see that, usually it's time to head inside. why take a chance. 89 degrees. i want to show you the skies changing through the day, capturing a wild change on the weathernet camera at the maryland science center. clouds billowing up and at the end you see the shelf cloud come in. more and more ominous as we press into evening here.
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mount airy, wild storm clouds here as well, as we worngd into that later -- worked into that later part of the afternoon, more and more of a thunderstorm sky. you can see just how rough things looked up until about 30 minutes ago. of course the weather clearing from west-to-east. 93 out at the airport. 103 the old record. hot but not a record but within our 2-degree guarantee of 92 today. so, wayne, congratulations to you, from sparrows point. you get an abc2 storm umbrella. send your name to come, we'll get you in the running. 92 from hagerstown now. 88 from easton and dover up to 90 still. across the region, just that one band of heavy storm action, the worst of which is actually north of maryland, up through pennsylvania getting mighty rough weather right now. a little further out and you can see not much going on. there's a boundary to the west, it's going to move slowly and wash out before it ever comes in. i think we stay hot and humid
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all week. our forecast model, the chance for hit and miss storms again tomorrow. we don't really pick it up that well with the model here but on wednesday we do see the storms on the model and once again they will be in the forecast. the next two afternoons a chance for showers and storms and hot weather will be the story, too. right back into the 90s tomorrow afternoon. looking for the same thing on wednesday, hotter to the end. week. overnight 72, evening storm. tomorrow, sunshine early, hot again, humid again, late-day storms possible again. some could linger into tomorrow evening. the 7-day forecast, the trend is for more hot and at times stormy weather in the afternoons and evenings. look at the highs toward friday, 9 a, 96, 97. it will get hotter as we head towards next weekend. stay with us. your closing numbers are next.
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stocks had better than average earnings. the dow finished up 56 points. nasdaq gained 19. s&p 500 picked up six. coming up tonight at 11:00 -- most summer drivers watch gas prices creep
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higher and higher but not this year. why experts say your fillups could get cheaper as the summer rolls on. plus, a day at the beach turns -- tragic. a child hit and killed by pickup truck. that and more tonight at 11:00. we're still watching pretty nasty storms depending where you're watching from. one last check on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. you can see where the action is. primarily, going to five sweep mode you can see the worst of it is tell actually up i-95, past apg, perryville through the rising sun area. there's a pretty decent storm on the north side of the beltway. towson back through hampton. and down through carney and parkville. actually not far from the extreme build site. just watch for pop-up storms. if you see the lightning get inside. >> that's all for abc2 news at 6:00. see you later. ♪
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